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Connect The Dots And UNDERSTAND THE ‘WHY’ Behind Everything You Do…

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Simply Follow Our 12 Modules For Complete Confidence & Clarity To Make Sense Of What You Are Seeing In The Clinic So You Can Stop Constantly Questioning Yourself, Worrying About Giving The Right Exercise Or If Your Patient Will Come Back Again To See You Again…

12 Modules
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“Your patients do not rise to the level of their goals, they fall to the level of YOUR systems…”

– Adapted from James Clear

Dear Therapist,

If you were anything like me when I first went into Private Practice… I struggled with the isolation of working on my own and the constant fluctuation in patient numbers in my diary.

The constant second-guessing if I was on the right track… and the emotional and psychological stress that I was bringing home at night… because people were paying me money… and their expectations were much higher than the national healthcare service.

“Did I give the right exercise to that patient?”

“What am I missing here?”

“Was she ready to progress?”

“Has he lost confidence in me to get him right?”

“Will she come back again to see me?”

“Am I actually good enough to do this?”

All those thoughts were running through my mind at night.

It was exhausting…

Struggling to keep patients engaged after 2-3 sessions and progress them all the way through their intended treatment plan… without them dropping off or canceling appointments once the pain has gone.

In all honesty, there were some patients who would do ok in the first few sessions… but then their progress would stagnate… and they would lose interest, not show up or make excuses that they’ll be in touch to book their next session… (when in reality I never heard from them again).

When I look back on that, I know that it’s because I had a genuine lack of confidence and clarity in my treatment plans… and didn’t know how to progress my patients.

Or said another way…

I didn’t understand the ‘WHY’ behind everything I was doing.

And that translated through to the patient.

I’m positive they could hear my uncertainty and lack of confidence in my voice…

Some of the biggest symptoms I had at the time were:

  • Feeling rushed in the subjective assessment… and not having any flow to get the information I needed… with high-quality questions that ensured I didn’t miss anything
  • Getting overwhelmed in the objective assessment because of the poor validity and reliability of special tests… and not knowing where to start
  • Not being able to narrow down the underlying cause… and jumping from test to test with no real thought process
  • Not having clarity on a clear progressive treatment plan after the initial assessment… and ‘making it up’ as I went along session to session.
  • Not being clear on what my patient’s problem actually was… and feeling pressured to do lots of hands-on treatment… and rush the rehab exercises in the last five minutes of the session.
  • Usually after sessions 2 -3 when the novel benefits of hands-on treatment wore off… some patients started to plateau. They’d feel great leaving the clinic but then days, hours, or even minutes later the pain would return.
  • I didn’t trust that my rehab exercises would get results… and switched from exercise to exercise every session… without any real clarity or confidence.
  • WORSE: My lack of clarity in the full treatment plan led me to take risks… and send patients back to activities without knowing if they were ready… or say things like “see how that exercise goes and give me a ring if any problems”… and as always they’d never call again…

If Money Is Your Main Motivation In Private Practice, Then Know This…

The reality is that, if you were anything like me, you may have not been trained in University to take your patients through higher-level progressions…

…not to mention actually design a treatment plan in full after the initial assessment with an agreed prognosis and timescale.

And looking back when I first started my private practice…

It cost me thousands each year in lost revenue, retention, and referrals.

More importantly… the patient didn’t get the desired results and this can impact your reputation also.

After the initial assessment, the patient would get a vague explanation of a diagnosis, lie on the bed for some hands on treatment, get a few exercises in the last five minutes, hand over the money and get booked in for the following week…

No genuine plan in place…

No expectations set or actually clarity for the patient on what needs to happen and a realistic timescale…

Is it any wonder they just expected hands on treatment every session?

And after 2-3 sessions with progress stagnating, they dropped off…

…or when the pain eased they didn’t bother coming back?

Was that my fault or the patients fault?

Nowadays I still see this mistake being made so many times, even with head physios in the pro sport environments… and with pro athletes who come to see me after failing traditional approaches.

They’ve gone through all the eccentric strengthening exercises but never truly earned the right to progress to the next stage of the movement plan…

…and just returned to the activities or sport once the pain has eased.

Infact, there is rarely a genuine step by step treatment plan designed, communicated and implemented with the patient in the first place.

Therapists give patients boring exercises like ‘squeezing their glutes’… or ‘sucking in the belly button’… or trying the ‘keep the knee over the second toe’.

Are you designing a treatment plan specific to your patients NEEDS and WANTS to be able to do on a daily basis…

…or trying to fit your patient into your favourite exercises that worked for another patient?

Is your treatment plan setting the patient up for success for the 6-10 hours a day activities they NEED to be able to do every single day or are you focusing on the 6-10 reps?

Can you see the problem with this?

And to make things even worse…

MOST OF THESE EXERCISES prescribed today by therapists… are NOT GENUINELY MEANINGFUL to their patient’s SITUATION or lives.

They are straight off Instagram or some Youtube video without any clinical reasoning.

Our patient wants to go down one path and get back to doing real life activities and we take them down a completely different path.

Is it any wonder they don’t have the desire and motivation to do the homework we set them?

Most rehab exercises are too ‘nice and controlled’.

The reality of life is that movement is chaotic in the real world…

…and your patient will not have time and SHOULD NOT need to think about their muscles doing all these things.

It should happen without conscious thought.

As the great Louis Gifford said: “Thoughtless, Fearless, Movement”.

Your patient’s daily movements are happening outside of higher center control where EVERYTHING from the peripheral tissues to the higher centers are doing their jobs.

When you look at the graph below you’ll see most exercises the majority of people do in the physio room only stress their bodies a certain amount… at a certain speed of movement…

Most Physio Exercises
The speed of movement alone will change the coordination demand placed on the body.

The biggest mistake I see is when the pain goes (the first circle on the graph above for example)…

Usually, around session 3-4…

the person tries to get straight back into real-world activities just because they could squat and lunge pain-free.

As you probably already know this proves to be too much too soon and the pain comes back again.

From my experience of mentoring over 700+ therapists in over 24 countries…

The natural ‘go-to’ reaction is to have the patient jump back on the bed for more hands on treatment.

Big Mistake Graph
If someone can squat or lunge pain-free, then that’s great.

What you REALLY NEED to know is…

Can they tolerate similar stress on the parts of the body that are not doing its fair share of work?

These are the exercises that bridge the gap from the nice safe environment of the physio room…

…to the real world.

These exercises stress the body more in meaningful situations… and allow the patient an opportunity to build resilience.

Yet it’s critical that you use it at the right time in the treatment plan.

This is where the ‘Go-To’ Therapist Mentorship System is critical.

We set expectations with our patients from the very first session.

‘Go To’ Mentorship Therapists take control of the situation and are not patient led because of what happens in the initial assessment.

The ‘Go To’ Therapist confidently explains the problem and solution WHILE the patient has complete clarity on the full plan before they even get on the bed for the first bit of treatment.

You focus 20% of your time on the symptoms and 80% of your time on what’s actually driving or predominantly contributing to the symptoms in the first place.

Each exercise prescribed is meaningful for the patient and can get quick and long lasting results.

You take the emotion out of the decision making and you follow the next logical progression.

You then use the step by step system to ‘overload’ the person in a safe and controlled manner…

…your patient comes through these progressions and this gives them genuine confidence that they are ready to return to the real world

… and back to their activities safely with THOUGHTLESS, FEARLESS, MOVEMENT.

They have earned the right to progress while you work smarter not harder.

Step By Step Happy Face Graph
When You Take Someone Through A Step By Step Treatment Plan This Happens To Your Business:
  • Your revenue per patient increases ETHICALLY.
  • The patient actually gets the RESULT they were promised in the first place and is ‘wowed’ in the process.
  • They tell their family and friends so your REFERRALS will increase.
  • The patient will have no hesitation in coming back to you again with other niggles or issues in the future so your RETENTION will increase also.
  • Your REPUTATION as someone who thinks differently from the other standard therapists in your town will massively increase also effortlessly.
Steven TP Min
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Marty TP Min
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Leon Case Study Min
Contrast the above with someone who needed those extra 2 sessions…

…but dropped off after 4 sessions.

In truth, you probably did not know where to next with the patient once the pain eases…

You end up feeling either useless or referring to somebody else.

And even worse you may be now doubting your abilities as a therapist.

And from a financial point of view…

Those 2 extra sessions at £50 per session, the patient ethically needed will cost you £1,000 per month for every 10 patients…

That’s £12,000 per year in lost revenue and results from patients.

That’s not even to mention the damage to your reputation…

the lost referrals from ‘not so happy’ patients…

and the lost retention of these patients who didn’t get the results you promised them on your website.

You can pay some overpriced marketing agency to run SEO, Google Ads, Or Facebook to try and grow your business all you want…

But unless you have the confidence and clarity to take a patient through a full treatment plan and get results…

You will always be worrying about having to get new patients.

Yes! I Want To Check If I’m Suitable…

Easily Master The Most Up To Date Techniques Where You Understand The ‘Why’ Behind Everything You Do From A Top Therapist Who Was Head Hunted By England Rugby League AND Union Teams For Their 2017 & 2019 World Cups Respectively….

Papers Collage 2
Working with some of the World’s top athletes for 10+ years I had to quickly craft a breakthrough system that I could trust in even the most pressured environments…

This is no room for ‘trying an exercise and hoping for the best’ in these environments.

You need to have a clear logical step by step treatment plan and prognosis for every patient.

I have taken this pro sport approach and integrated into my own private practice.

I’ve been through some of the biggest challenges you’re going through right now…

and had to figure out solutions that I’ve tried and tested with both World Class Athletes… and in my own clinic with non sporting patients.

Everything I teach is what I use on a day to day basis.

There is no bullsh%t ‘advanced levels’ or ‘teaching one thing’ but using another in the real world’.

Because everything I teach is based on principles.

Understanding the ‘WHY’ behind everything you’re doing.

And that empowers you to have clarity and confidence as a therapist… no matter who walks through your door next.

Not only that…

I’ve been able to replicate this approach for clinicians all over the world…

…in places like the UK, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Australia, New Zealand, US, and Canada…

to name but a few countries… that therapists are implementing this system with outstanding results.

Bobby Zeph Stewart Image
The Mentorship offers you a unique opportunity to be part of a unique community. Here is England Physio Bobby, West Indies Physio Zeph and Sports Therapist Steward from Scotland working together at one of our FREE In-Person Refresher Courses.
What I discovered was that just like World Class Athletes…

….what the average person REALLY wants it to know is…

1: WHAT is the ACTUAL true problem is that’s causing their pain experience


2: WHAT the solution is for them to get back to doing the things that they love the most in life…WITHOUT the pain coming back again.

And in order to do this…

You need COMPLETE clarity in finding the true problem… and the confidence in designing a bespoke treatment plan SPECIFIC to the person in front of you.

The GoTo Physio Chart
Yes! I Want To Check If I’m Suitable…

The Assessments, Techniques And Step By Step System You Will Learn Have Been Used With:

Leeds Rhinos
Munster Rugby Logo
Huddersfield Giants Logo
Warrington Wolves Logo
Hull FC Rugby
England Rugby League
England Rugby Union
PGA Logo

The 7 EASY AND UNIQUE Steps That Will Transform You Into A ‘Go-To’ Therapist – LIFETIME ACCESS

Mentorship Percent New Min
Step 1 System 1
We will help you find the true cause of your patient’s problem by asking better questions in the subjective assessment that will allow you to actually make sense of the objective assessment specific to this person without missing anything. This will eliminate that stress of not knowing where to go next with your complex patients.
Step 2 System
You will learn how to quickly find which peripheral tissues are contributing towards the pain experience (and the true problem) from the objective assessment by clinically reasoning using a very simple approach dave will teach you that will save your hands and using cookie cutter approaches for every patient.
Step 3 System
With your new found clarity… Your confidence will skyrocket which will help you give clarity to your patient by explaining effectively, the problem, the solution and the treatment plan to get them back to activities specific to their life. This will set realistic expectations from day 1, get complete adherence to your treatment plan while avoiding, cancellations, drop offs or problems further down the line.
Step 4 System
You will then learn the exact hands on techniques that dave used in japan with england rugby union players and in australia with england rugby league players at the previous two rugby world cups. These techniques are an effective part of the treatment plan that allows you to quickly move on to the next step of load tolerance with your patients. No more worrying about trigger points or breaking up scar tissue. these techniques are quick, safe and effective to help you get long-lasting changes for your patient.
Step 5 System
The confidence & ‘know how’ to expose your patient to the appropriate level of loading at the appropriate time while never skipping steps, especially from the bed to higher level rehab activities comes next on your journey to becoming The ‘Go-To’ Therapist. This will avoid your patient becoming reliant on hands-on treatment, minimise flare-ups or symptoms coming back again after a few hours or days.
Step 6 System
You will then gain complete clarity in knowing when your patient is ready to return to running or higher level loading activities without any guessing or taking unnecessary risks. This is hands down the trickiest part of our jobs and indeed the riskiest sometimes. Discover the exact methods and process dave uses to minimise the risks and maximise your confidence in exposing your patients to the highest levels of load tolerance.
Step 7 System
Finally, you will increase your knowledge and confidence in the gym setting. In the final module in the mentorship dave teaches you how to avoid the biggest mistakes he sees in the gym on a daily basis, even with world class athletes. This will empower you to empower your patients to move well under high loads for all the major upper and lower body lifts. This module will help your patients build resilience and ensure the problem does not return again.

Join 700+ Therapists In Over 24 Countries Who No Longer Feel Isolated Or Overwhelmed And Are Achieving Great Long-Lasting Patient Results While Enjoying Their Jobs And Growing Their Reputation And Revenue Ethically

Don’t Judge Me By What I Say But What My Students Say…

Take A Look At How The ‘Go-To’ Therapist Mentorship Has Changed The Lives Of So Many Therapists:

Recoup Your Investment Back Within 6-12 Month…

Phil McCardle

Phil Mcardle

“You’re going to make your money back tenfold, I was on the fence for so long and without a doubt, it’s the best money that I have invested into any course. You’ll make your money back ten times over within about 6 to 12 months, easy”

Phil Mcardle Case Study Video Background

Get Better Results Spending Less Time With Patients


Alan O’Brien

“The Mentorship has allowed me to have a lot more spare time, I no longer spend 90 minutes with some patients. I have reduced my time with a patient down a lot to the point where I’m going home to my kids a lot fresher and I no longer work on the weekend. The Mentorship has given me a much quicker route to getting to where I am now”

Accelerate Your Confidence & Clarity To Always Know Where To Go Next With A Patient

David Grey

David Grey

“My confidence has grown so much. The step by step system has given me complete clarity that I can treat any patient that walks through my door and I know exactly where to go next with them.”

Get LIFETIME Access And 24/7 support From The Whole Mentorship Community


Brian Harte

“The support that I get from the Mentorship has been crucial for my results. As I am working it’s great to have a support team that I can bounce idea’s off and when I have a difficult patient that isn’t progressing as well as I’d hoped I can get in contact with the team and get a reply instantly and that’s what has really helped me get consistently great results”

Yes! I Want To Check If I’m Suitable…

Here’s What To Expect After 1 Month Of Joining The ‘Go-To’ Therapist Mentorship Community…


Elaine Atkinson

“I now have the structure and clarity to know where I need to go next with my client in terms of rehab and progressing them quickly.”


Beth Schoolden

“I know that I can ring the guys here and I’ve always got that support and Mentorship from you”


Tom Stedman

“Confidence is key, I already feel confident in talking through the cases and actually have a reason behind what I’m doing and being able to relay that back confidently to my patients”


Alex Webb

“I’ve got confidence in explaining what I’m doing with someone, why I’m doing it”

Yes! I Want To Check If I’m Suitable…

Here’s What To Expect After 12 Weeks Of Being Inside The ‘Go-To’ Therapist Mentorship Community…

Shane Mckay

Shane Mckay

“It’s great value, they could probably charge more and I shouldn’t say that but once you’re a member, you’re a member for life”

Paula Walsh

Paula Walsh

“You’re going to be more productive, more confident, you’re going to retain more clients and they’re going to keep coming back for more sessions so straight away you’re going to get that money back… literally straight away.”

Stuart Bertam

Stuart Bertam

“My word of mouth referrals have greatly increased. I think the Refresher Weekend has definitely improved my confidence. Following the Mentorship system my results have been so much more effective.”

Briane Harte

Brian Harte

“I now have a way of thinking that gets to the true cause of my patients problem in a clear and logical way. My clients have no problem understanding what they need to do and feel completely engaged in their sessions. I’ve had lots of referrals already at this early stage and loads of positive feedback and much better adherence to my treatment plans.”

Yes! I Want To Check If I’m Suitable…

Here’s What To Expect After 1 Year Of Being Inside The ‘Go-To’ Therapist Mentorship Community…


Mario Ciccone

“Before the Mentorship I was seeing 10-15 patients a week. Now I’m seeing 30 patients a week consistently and I am now looking to hire my first therapist so that I can cut my hours down working and spend time with my young family.”


Sinead Wixted

“If you implement the step by step system and use the resources that are there the money will come back to you tenfold.”


Derek Stenson

“I started off in a tiny room in my house and now I have a clinic on the busy high street in the town I live. I know that the results I’m getting now with patients, I wouldn’t be getting if I hadn’t done the Mentorship. I’ve now got the confidence and authority to treat any patient that walks through my door.”


Leon Cassin

“I’ve been running my own practice since late January 2019 and have grown from treating 5-6 patients a week to now between 15-20 most weeks and above 20 on some occasions. Patients are returning weekly and adhere to their homework. A lot of my patients have mainly come from word of mouth referrals.”

Yes! I Want To Check If I’m Suitable…
Karl Etc TP Min
Julia TP Min
Yes! I Want To Check If I’m Suitable…

Save Yourself From The Boredom Of Going Through The Motions… Using The Same Exercises With Every Patient… And Leaking Revenue From Unhappy Patients… Dropping Off By Not Getting The Results You Promised Them On Your Website

How much revenue, word of mouth referrals and retention of past patients is a lack of a step by step system really costing you?

The harsh reality is that a LACK OF A STEP BY STEP system is costing private practice therapists tens of thousands of pounds each year.

At the risk of not wanting to sound “salesy” and “all about money”…

Most therapists are not maximising their clinical skills… and trying to solve common SYMPTOMS in their clinic by trying to get more new patients.

No Google ads campaign, Faceboook campaign or SEO will solve the lifetime customer value problem most clinics have.

There are ONLY 3 ways to grow your business (and reputation).

I look at these as the three pillars to a profitable business that has a healthy cash flow:

Pillar #1: Increase the number of customers

Pillar #2: Increase the average order value of each customer (ethically)

Pillar #3: Increase the number of times they buy from you (ethically)

That is it.

Yet, most people obsess with pillar 1. That is a BIG MISTAKE!

In the ‘Go-To’ Therapist mentorship, we work smarter, not harder in all aspects of your daily clinical work and business.

#2 can be done ethically by keeping patients on track and not dropping off…

This is going to be critical and the oxygen to your business growth.

#3 can be done by actually delivering results for patients so they are confident to come back to see you again and…

Have the confidence in YOU to be able to get results to recommend you to their family and friends.

This will increase #1 and increase your word of mouth referrals.

If you master #2 and #3, then #1 will take care of itself.

That all starts with having a step by step system…

99 Percent With BG
Not having the ‘know-how’ to progress a patient to the last few higher-level progressions…

Could this be costing you £100+ per patient?

That’s £1000+ per 10 patients per month is £12,000+ per 10 patients per year.

Would you like a £12,000 pay rise each year and actually get great consistent results with your patients?

The ‘Go-To’ Therapist Mentorship is designed to finally give clarity in ethically progressing your patients…and growing your business… by maximizing your clinical skills first.

If you take action and implement the content…

…it has the power to add AT LEAST another £12,000 PER YEAR in REVENUE onto your wages… without worrying about advertising for new patients.

By simply delivering what you promised patients on your website in the first place!

Business Growth Graph
A lack of a step by step system is also costing you TIME!

Instead of having a clear step by step system, most therapists WASTE TIME, ENERGY and EFFORT giving patients an extra ten minutes here or there.

It is impossible to sustain this when growing a clinic.

The ‘Go-To’ Therapist Mentorship is designed to have you confident treating the majority of patients within 30 minutes per session IF you want to do so.

For therapists working with 60-minute appointments still, that’s DOUBLING your hourly rate while IMPROVING YOUR CLINICAL RESULTS and OUTCOMES.

Ed Case Study Min
A big misconception is therapists thinking that by giving patients an extra 10 minutes they are keeping patients happy.

What patients want is the outcome they came to you for in the first place.

Patients want value for their money and not more time.

Just like you pay the price of a flight to get to a destination, sitting on a plane for an extra hour because of a delay isn’t necessarily a good thing.

A lack of a step by step system is causing a lot of therapist’s patients to make ‘polite’ excuses and cancel.

Now sure…

You can sift through another webinar…

Pay a couple of hundred pounds for another hands-on or exercise course or you can get the root cause sorted right now.

The ‘Go-To’ Therapist Mentorship is a complete roadmap so you no longer have to keep wasting your time and money going on courses…

Where you can only put in place snippets of information get no support…

…and forget 95% of what you have learned by lunchtime on Monday.

FINALLY, Gain Confidence and Clarity to achieve your potential…

… while delivering the best you’re truly capable of giving to your patients and actually making a difference in their lives.

Yes! I Want To Check If I’m Suitable…

Why Choose The ‘Go To’ Therapist Mentorship?

Mentorship Competitors

Apply For The ‘Go-To’ Therapist Mentorship And UNLOCK A Step By Step System That Will Allow You To Make Sense Of Even The Most Complex Cases And Differentiate Yourself From Other Therapists

Here’s Everything That You Will Receive With The ‘Go-To’ Therapist Mentorship…
1) Lifetime Access To The ‘Go-To’ Therapist Mentorship Curriculum
Mario Case Study Min
This world-class resource contains all the assessments, hands-on techniques, effective explanations… and the exact step by step rehab progressions that Dave and the team use on a daily basis.

You can dive in and out of this resource between patients and even when you’re with patients if you wish.

All the content is short and sharp videos that get straight to the point… and allow you to scroll and reference between patients.

You’ll have access to everything you need to successfully assess and treat upper, lower, and spinal patients… in both pro sport and his own private practice.

You will be able to access this secure members-only portal anytime you have a tricky case… or want to refresh on a particular hands-on technique or exercise progression.

You have lifetime access and will receive free upgrades that Dave and the team add to the system.

2) Lifetime Access To The ‘Go-To’ Therapist Alumni Support Community! Never Feel Isolated Again.
Therapist Alumni Support Community Facebook
Sleep well at night knowing if you have a tricky patient who is stagnating… you’ll have someone to help and be in your corner at the touch of a button.

This community contains no egos. It is a safe environment for you to ask questions and get guidance and support to ensure you are able to get results.

This community allows you to master the content… get your questions answered and get ongoing lifetime support.

3) Module ‘Cheat Sheets’
Module Cheat Sheets Image
You will receive cheat sheets for each module that you can have physically with you in the clinic.

We want to help you use the content successfully with any patient that walks through your door.

Even if you don’t have time to watch a video tutorial, you’ll always have the cheat sheets by your side to fall back on.

4) 12 Module Coaching Calls
12 Module Coaching Calls Image
This is where we are like no other.

You get all your questions answered in-depth… while also mastering the 20% of the content that will get 80% of the results.

You will receive REAL COACHING AND MENTORING of the content when things don’t go well.

Too many CPD providers provide all singing and all dancing solutions. The real world is very different. That’s where we will actually COACH you through this process.

We will give you all the guidance and support you need to take action, implement and get great results.

If you can’t make the calls live, they will be recorded and the links sent to you straight after the calls.

You can watch or listen in your own time, on the way to work, in the car or in the gym.

5) A FREE Ticket To The ‘Go-To’ Therapist Mentorship Refresher Course
Mentorship Refresher Course Image
Each year we host refresher courses in the UK where you can attend in person and get feedback on your hands-on techniques, rehab techniques and further master the content.

These are hugely popular courses and we have therapists come back each year, time and time again.

We are adding more and more of these courses.

We also do these refresher courses in Ireland and have plans for courses in Australia, U.S.A and Canada in the coming months also.

6) CPD Certificate On Completion
CPD Certificate On Completion Image 60 Min
You will also receive a CPD certificate of completion for the ‘Go To’ Therapist Mentorship.

This can help you prove you’re keeping up to date on the latest and most advanced evidenced-based practice out there.

The Mentorship is recognised by various professional bodies all over the world. We have all the required paperwork if you require for your professional body… including teaching content and bibliography of key papers.

7) 90 Days Access To My Own Personal Patient Exercise Library
Exercise Library Devices Mock
You will also have 90 days access to my personal exercise library that I send to patients.

Even if you’re not sure if you are teaching the exercises correctly at the beginning… We’ll do the heavy lifting for you and coach your patients through these movements when they get home.

Even if you haven’t mastered the Mentorship Content in the beginning… you can still be sure that your patients will be making progress between sessions.

Not only will you have happy patients but this service will truly add even more value to your customer experience… and further differentiate yourself from other therapists in your town.

Yes! I Want To Check If I’m Suitable…

And Critical For Every Private Therapist Right now To Mitigate The Risk Against Your Clinic And Income, You’ll Get Special Telehealth Training And Case Studies On How To Assess, Treat And Get Consistent Results Without Relying On Your Hands

BONUS 8: Real Life TELEHEALTH Training And Case Studies Where You Can Watch Over Dave’s Shoulder From Start To Finish
Dave Tony Zoom
Real Life Telehealth Case Studies Image
So many programs are too good to be true. In this mentorship program, Dave will show you exactly how he implements the content WITHOUT using his hands.

These are the trickiests cases that have failed numerous traditional approaches. You will see session to session how Dave uses the Mentorship and implements it at each session to keep patients progressing and on track.

Dave is not some ‘social media guru’ that spends all his time preaching ‘what sounds good in theory’. When Dave isn’t mentoring in the mentorship, he is treating patients or running his private practice.

Dave will show you how to take the mentorship and transition successfully to Telehealth like so many of the Mentorship Therapists have done so.
This is a critical skill set for any private practice therapist to have from here on in these turbulent times.

John TP Min
Wayne Etc TP Min
Yes! I Want To Check If I’m Suitable…


Recoup Your Investment And Then Some Before Your Even Finish Module 1…By Implementing These 3 Bonuses:

BONUS 1: Assessment And Treatment Of The Diaphragm Online Course
Diaphragm Course Image
Receive lifetime access to my Assessment And Treatment Of The Diaphragm And Pelvic Floor Online Course.

This course is designed specifically to help you with complex patients and help you make sense of the assessment findings.

I will go in-depth in where to start and how to get the best bang for your buck and get these patients progressing quickly.

BONUS 2: The Lower Limb Return To Play Online Course
RTP Course Image
Receive lifetime access to my Lower Limb Return To Play Course where I will go in-depth in progressing the lower limb progressions taught in Module 7 of the ‘Go To’ Therapist Mentorship.
BONUS 3: Effective Explanation Masterclass: The Patient Adherence Blueprint
Effective Explanation Masterclass Image
This masterclass breaks down the critical elements of an effective explanation and how you can apply it in your clinic with your patient on a daily basis.

This bonus module alone does exactly what it says on the tin and will help you keep patients on track with their treatment plans, especially when the pain is going.

If a patient ethically requires two more sessions to build resilience and strength but drops off, at £50 per session, for every ten patients, this is costing you £1,000 per month or £12,000 per year per 10 new patients.

Cleaning this up will recoup 4 times the investment per year per 10 patients if you implement this module alone.

This module alone has been responsible for therapists going from seeing 10 patients per week to now hiring staff and admin teams to help them with the increased patient numbers from implementing the effective explanation in their practice.

This module will help set patient expectations, minimise drop offs and ensure patients stay completely adhered to the treatment plan.

Yes! I Want To Check If I’m Suitable…

The ‘Go-To’ Therapist Mentorship Trusted Guarantee!

Just like how we built our clinic reputation, our word of mouth reputation is everything to us.

If you’re still on the fence about applying for the Mentorship you can try our 7 day money back GUARANTEE!

Get inside the community RISK FREE for 7 days and get a no questions asked refund if you truly believe we did not deliver everything that we said we would do to help you become A ‘Go-To’ Therapist.

The ProSport Academy Satisfaction Guarantee NEW

Recap Of Everything You Get

  • The ‘Go To’ Therapist Mentorship Curriculum (Lifetime Access) Value = £3495
  • 12 Weekly Coaching Calls (12x £150 p/hr of high quality coaching) Value = £1800
  • Lifetime Access To The ‘Go To’ Therapist Alumni Facebook Group For Access To Dave And The Team To Help With Any Tricky Patients In The Future Value = Priceless
  • Free Ticket To The 2 Day Mentorship Refresher Course Value = £397
  • X4 Private Practice Bonus Modules Including The £12,000 Conversation Value = £12,000+ Per Year
  • CPD Certificate
  • The Reputation Of The ‘Go To’ Therapist In Your Town With Increased Revenue, Referrals & Retention Value = Priceless
Yes! I Want To Check If I’m Suitable…

Minimum Total Value Of £17,702

You Now Have 2 Choices…


Mentorship Confused 2
Spend Thousands and Thousands Of Pounds Over The Next 5-10 Years Taking Various Courses On Each Joint In The Body, Various Manual Therapy Courses, Various Rehab Courses, Various Strength & Conditioning Courses, And Even Business Courses And Take Months Or Years Trying To Figure Out How To Put It All Together


Save Time, Money, Effort and MISTAKES And Get A Proven Step By Step System That Integrates All Of The Above Into Your Clinical Practice In Just 1 Hour A Week For 12 Weeks
Yes! I Want To Check If I’m Suitable…
Tatiana Baranova
Tatiana Baranova
21:23 20 Jun 21
I’m physical therapist and it happens to me to do long courses that full you of theory without giving you enough... information to apply in your daily practice with your patients. I completed the Diaphragm course that is totally different, short and full of useful information with clinical logic as the base.Other important thing to notice is that I’m not English speaker (absolutely not) and it was my first course in English (I was a bit worry because not always I’m able to understand speaking English mothertounges completely) but I could understand really everything in this case, Dave speaks very clearly and there is option to make it slowly when it’s necessary - perfect!read more
Simon Tydd
Simon Tydd
03:30 09 Jun 21
Great content and support. The programme started with a review of relevant evidence based neuro-muscular science to... help guide clinical reasoning, then, using a structured system of injury assessment, client education, goal setting, hands on treatment options, program design and smart exercises to get athletes safely through to a sustainable end-stage return to play end more
Gillian Stewart
Gillian Stewart
20:23 19 Apr 21
Great course! Very well taught and set up to help with your progression and understanding. It has really made me assess... patients differently and have a deeper understanding of how to treat them and what exercises to pick and why. My clinical confidence has increased more
Jonathan Heffernan
Jonathan Heffernan
13:39 19 Apr 21
ProSport Academy, they are very professional and so helpful. With the lockdown, my motivation went, them meant that... I slacked off on doing the work. The staff e mailed me and offered personal phone calls, all to help me get back on track. I must say, I am very impressed with the level of service provided by more
Cher Hart
Cher Hart
09:27 17 Apr 21
Doing the Mentorship has made a massive difference to my practice - I feel much more confident in finding and treating... the true cause, and the approach fits very well within the osteopathic philosophy.It's been the best CPD investment I've done in the 11 years since graduating - I can't thank ProSport Physio enough!read more
Loretta Aliprandi
Loretta Aliprandi
08:19 15 Apr 21
The Mentorship program is by far the best physiotherapy continuing education program I have taken. I love how it... incorporates the whole body and can be applied to everyone who seeks treatment. Although initially It does require a big commitment to both understand the content and to implement into my practise it quickly became my preferred and now the only way I assess and treat .The outcomes you get with the clients are the rewards. Mastery helps to consolidate the content and develop clinical reasoning more
Giovanni Frapporti
Giovanni Frapporti
07:43 15 Apr 21
This Mentorship has filled the gap in all the missing links I needed. Better understanding of subjective and objective... assessment and how to match the two. Most of all, a complete picture from where the patient is at in the rehab continuum to where he needs to go. The step by step approach removes a lot of guessing, stress and yet is fully individualized to the patient. No cookie cutter, simply clarity on what needs to be done in order to return to life / sports.Hands down best investment I have ever more
Kate Ryan
Kate Ryan
11:13 07 Apr 21
I can't recommend the ProSport Academy Mentorship highly enough. The content is gold and 100% worth the investment. I... have massively increased my skills and confidence as a physio as a result.Additionally the support you get from the team before during and post the Mentorship is fantastic. Everyone is super friendly and very responsive to any questions or help you might need with the content.Huge thanks to Dave and the rest of the team for creating such a fantastic course 🙂read more
Rosie Firth
Rosie Firth
18:13 30 Mar 21
I cannot recommend Dave, his team and the mentorship enough. Single best thing I have ever done for my career. My job... satisfaction is through the roof since completing the mentorship and I know it is only going to get more
Alison Morrison
Alison Morrison
22:22 26 Feb 21
Absolutely intuitive and well presented. Excellent resources given. Dave explains everything clearly with well... backed research.The system he presents is like the missing link in terms of assessment and management. He is clear about his mistakes and doesn't claim to know everything. Very impressed by his teaching style and passion to share what he knows.The content is immediately applicable and I have used the skills gained to both clinically reason and improve the outcome for several patients immediately.I can't recommend this highly more
Matthew Jarvis
Matthew Jarvis
15:44 24 Feb 21
So pleased to have signed up and completed the program. The knowledge I have gained has been amazing and has massively... helped improve my treatments to my clients. would highly recommend to anyone else thinking about signing upread more
Juniper Cammack
Juniper Cammack
17:28 18 Feb 21
This is a very well organized, high quality continuing education company. They gave me the skills I went to physical... therapy school to learn but never did. They taught me how to simplify and clarify the information gained from the subjective and objective assessments in order to confidently design a successful treatment more
Go with the Flow ~ Massage
Go with the Flow ~ Massage
22:13 08 Feb 21
Just finished another insightful ProSport course - worth every penny - 10 times over! It's uncovered so many missing... pieces of the jigsaw, I can now see why other approaches failed. This course has enabled me start seeing the woods from the trees and a clear path forward. Thanks Dave!read more
Tom Lissenden
Tom Lissenden
21:43 19 Jan 21
Really informative and enjoyable course. Making complex ideas simple to understand and implement into practice straight... away. Would highly recommendread more
irfan Ahmad
irfan Ahmad
10:32 18 Jan 21
Course materials were good, the mentoring approach was good, and working with other people via the Internet was good.... The instructor did a good job of communicating and making it a more intimate arrangement. A lot of online courses fail because of the isolation. The Instructor is very good and I think it’s a very solid course. I learned a lot.Thank u so muchread more
Ieuan Cranswick
Ieuan Cranswick
11:34 16 Jan 21
This FREE course was excellent. It was extremely easy to watch, extremely useful, and tailored to practice very well.... Dave was very knowledgeable, used practical examples and application excellently, and it was not a big sales pitch that is usually the case with free courses. Thank you!read more
Angela Jackson
Angela Jackson
10:31 16 Jan 21
Just completed a short course on the upper limb. Full of fresh ideas and motivation to really look at how I treat... shoulders again. Refreshing approach and great speakerread more
Musicalyrics _ Loy
Musicalyrics _ Loy
10:25 16 Jan 21
Brilliant course and a brilliant approach learned towards managing shoulders. Gives a great insight into how to... approach patients who can be tricky. Will definitely continue to read and implement this knowledge more
Suzanne Clapham
Suzanne Clapham
23:36 06 Jan 21
The Go To Physio Mentorship is hands down the best continuing education I've done in my 20+ years of being a physio.... Dave and Shane are excellent teachers and the system and the techniques really work. The mentorship has given me more confidence in decision making and enabled me to be clearer in my own mind and with patients as to "what the next steps are" each treatment session. It's enabled me to treat my complex patients with much more clarity and I also feel like I know my reason "why" for my treatment decisions, rather than just drawing on past experience and hoping it will work for the next patient. I still have a lot to learn which is why I've joined the Mastery program - looking forward to getting even more gains for me and my patients in the coming year!read more
Nikki B
Nikki B
10:18 29 Nov 20
Incredible mentorship that I'm still learning from even after 'graduating'.It has made me question my own clinical... reasoning skills on the exercises I prescribe and how I assess patients.If you're feeling stuck and need a different evidence based angle on how to progress your clients and stand out from other therapists I definitely recommend this course.It's also a bonus to feel part of the ProSport family!read more
Move freely sports therapy
Move freely sports therapy
17:24 30 Sep 20
The mentorship is easily one of the best courses I have done and It gave me the focus I needed to progress my clinic... and personal development. It really does have something for everyone. I highly recommend it!read more
Lauren Watson
Lauren Watson
20:31 29 Sep 20
Brilliantly delivered by great therapists who are down to earth, practical, honest and clear.This has improved and is... still improving how I practice. I am already seeing great results, client commitment and retention and direct referrals.Be prepared to commit time and focus, it is completely worth it,Thanks everyone at the Academyread more
Mirza Sprečo
Mirza Sprečo
17:46 28 Sep 20
Dave is game changer. He makes sure that everyone is on the same way and focused on the main goal. The collaboration... was very smooth and his knowledge definitely made a huge impact on my success. Anyone would be lucky to have him as a more
Terence Barnes
Terence Barnes
19:33 24 Sep 20
A great system that continues to be improved. Taking complex ideas and distilling them into a set of deceptively simple... principles with wide applications. Giving confidence and aid to therapists who apply themselves to understanding and practicing this course content for years to more
David Gow
David Gow
19:21 24 Sep 20
This course is the real deal. Like David said to me before I signed up the main difference between this course and... others is that you do it and you learn loads but you have the resources and capacity to go back over it and implement. My confidence has sky rocketed and I do feel like a 'go to physio' now. This is a 'go to course' and a must for anyone who is feeling a bit rusty or has lost passion for the profession due to going through the motions!read more
Elizabeth Nolan
Elizabeth Nolan
06:02 24 Sep 20
I have recently completed the 12 week mentorship program after two years of debating about doing it. I can honestly say... that it was a great learning curve for me and I would highly recommend anyone thinking of doing the course to JUST DO IT!! You wont regret it. Dave and the team are great and will help out as much as they can. Great Content, Very Professional and once you put in the work in, you will reap the rewards. Thank you so much Dave, Shane and all the gang at ProSport more
Brogan Lawrie
Brogan Lawrie
12:36 16 Sep 20
Just completed the Diaphragm online course - the whole thing was put together brilliantly and well structured.
Ed Voss
Ed Voss
10:48 15 Sep 20
In 2017 I'd been working seven years and was in a rut, feeling like I was not providing the service I wanted to. I was... spending money on courses and taking a couple of nuggets from them but felt my practice stalling. I'd followed Dave's podcast and so was aware of the academy and mentorship but as with most people I was a little put off my the cost.Following a conversation with Dave I asked him to put me in touch with other therapists already on the mentorship to get some feedback direct rather than relying on the testimonials and the resounding response was that this would be the best money I'd ever spend on my career, so I took the plunge.Three years down the line and the way I now assess and treat is unrecognisable from three years ago. I'm getting great results, for the first time in my career I have real confidence in my own ability, and I'm now getting people travelling to come and see me, which is a testament to the mentorship.The mentorship isn't just a course but a community of like minded therapists all looking to improve, and help others improve to provide the best service for our patients. The team are always on hand to help when it's required, and having access to the material (which is constantly being updated as techniques are honed and improved) is priceless.There is an open mindedness about the approach. Dave doesn't profess to having all the answers and is open to discussion in the name of finding a better way forward. The mentorship has also opened my eyes to numerous other avenues to explore, as much through expanding my professional network as improving my clinical reasoning, knowlege base and inquisitiveness.The regular refresher courses are a great adjunct to the online material to consolidate the hands on techniques and boost confidence in assessing and progressing rehab. Not to mention the legendary visits to Huddersfield's premier Irish club.There are a lot of good therapists out there and the landscape of physiotherapy is changing. The mentorship has set me apart from my colleagues and peers in doing things a little differently and the results absolutely justify the financial and time more
Alison Laurenson
Alison Laurenson
19:01 12 Sep 20
I joined ProSport's January 2019 mentorship class and the Academy has been a constant source of training and support... since. Every time I revisit the mentorship content, I add layers of knowledge and skills to my understanding of the human body and physio. Using their content, I feel I can assess and treat any patient that comes to my clinic with complete confidence.One thing I really like about the Academy is they're constantly developing and updating their content. So rather than learning a snapshot of a particular physiotherapy approach in time, they're always delivering world class info that is at the front edge of how we can understand and deliver more
Julia Trollip
Julia Trollip
08:14 11 Sep 20
I trained as a Biokineticist in South Africa where we were very much taught to consider each person uniquely, the... body as a whole and with the main focus on movement and getting the individual back to their activity in a progressive way unique to their situation. I was finding that the courses and CPD's I was attending over here just didn't fully align with this approach or give me the additional learning I was after. And then I saw an advert for the Mentorship program. After talking to Dave and his team, I was really excited that his approach was so different to the others here and aligned with my training. It has been a fantastic experience being part of the program. Dave, Shane, Paul and the rest of the staff go out of their way to share knowledge and provide support as well as a safe community. This has been invaluable to me, especially as I work on my own and don't have colleagues in the clinic to turn to when tricky cases come more
Almedin Muharemović
Almedin Muharemović
10:25 10 Sep 20
I highly recommend David mentorship program. Since I started working with him and his team I look different on pain and... injuries. I didn’t want just to treat symptoms. I wanted to understand why is something happening and this is the main thing David gave me. He also has biopsychosocial approach which brings you to another level as a more
Leon Cassin
Leon Cassin
08:42 10 Sep 20
When I just started out and opened my own clinic I wanted to have a more clarity on working with tricky cases, how to... find the true. Cause of a patients problem and explaining to patients what was going on. I heard of the mentorship programme from a good friend of mine and at first was very sceptical. I did a lot of research around it and said I'd reach out to Dave to find out more. Prosport arranged a video call with me to answer any of my questions and explain more about the course. Dave was so nice and didn't push or try to sell me anything. We simply had a good chat about our experiences and a laugh. He asked me what I was looking for or expecting from. The course. At the time I wasnt in the best financial position to be splashing out on courses after setting up a business and paying off university bills but decided to take the risk and invest in it. I'm so glad I did. Within 3 months I began to see a higher turnover and by month 4 had all ready made the investment back with more. The content and quality Dave and the team deliver is unbelievable. Now 2 years on I'm still learning new thing and understanding the body more and more. The team is constantly learning and updating content. Word of mouth for my business is continuously growing and I'm busier than ever (I havent even advertised yet). When you join the mentorship it's not just a once off course it's a family where all like minded therapists help each other. There is no egos just genuine people wanting to learn and think outside the box. Dave and the team are always on hand to help out. Ive never seen support like it. If you are struggling to communicate to your patients or effectively what's going on with them then the mentorship will change that entirely for you. I cannot honestly reccomend the mentorship programme enough. The one problem I have now is trying to make up CPD points every year because after Completing the mentorship I don't know what courses to do anymore because it's covered everything I was ever looking for in courses ?. If you put in the work on the programme you will become the go to physio. I'm now the physio where the complicated cases are referred. People have come to me from all over the county and some from outside the county. I am the Head physio for 3 teams on top of a busy clinic. I have had to take on another therapist to manage one of the teams (he's also done the mentorship under my reccomendation). I have also began working with pro athletes all thanks to the more
P.A. Morand - The Back Pain Coach
P.A. Morand - The Back Pain Coach
14:57 27 Aug 20
Probably the best course and content I've come across for physiotherapy and the treatment of pain. Can't recommend it... enough!read more
07:47 26 Aug 20
I completed the mentorship and have used the skills learned every day. It's really good, lots of depth and the team is... great and helping if there are any issues. Well worth itread more
Patrick Cassidy
Patrick Cassidy
13:31 14 Aug 20
I am halfway through the mentorship and I am amazed with the results I am getting in clinic. By implementing small... changes to my assessment and treatment techniques patient’s are responding well and loving the results. The structure of the mentorship allows you to grow within it and implement things at your own pace so that you are continually growing in confidence. Unlike lots of courses I have been on where it is cook book recipe stuff the content challenges you to clinically reason at every step of your assessment and treatment. By switching your thinking to a more consistent system which allows itself to be challenged in the way the ProSport system does it enables you and itself to constantly evolve while respecting the ever growing world of research while still achieving great and consistent patient outcomes.Anyone out there thinking about doing it I would jump at it as the support and content is second to none. And you will have progressed and developed your own practice and systems as soon as you have covered the pre course content. If confidence is an issue like it is for many clinicians allow yourself to be immersed in the content which I can already tell will be directing me for years to come. 100% recommend to any progressive forward thinking practitioners!read more
Pip Rainbow
Pip Rainbow
08:13 11 Aug 20
I started my journey with the pro sports academy 6 weeks ago and I am loving it. There is constant support, no... judgement and always challenging you. This is perfect for me as I am a new graduate with a lot to learn and it gives me a chance to ask questions without feeling embarrassed about not knowing something. The Mentorship is perfect to push yourself and make yourself better, but you get out what you put in. I haven't met anyone yet but everyone is so lovely, so easy to talk toread more
J Zhu
J Zhu
11:05 30 Jul 20
One of the best investment I've made to become a better clinician. The clarity and confidence gained 4 months into the... mentorship is something probably would have taken me 5-10 years otherwise, and it's still improving everyday!read more
Carson Aune
Carson Aune
15:38 28 Jul 20
The team at ProSport have been world class from the second I reached out to them. Great customer service, prompt... responses to any questions I have, and world class information being provided. Hands down one of the best courses I've taken throughout my time as a professional (and I've taken many)!read more
Reshma Radhakrishnan
Reshma Radhakrishnan
15:56 27 Jul 20
So glad to have met an exceptional mentor and an excellent team to help me with my career and confidence. I don’t know... why I did not enroll any time sooner. They say better late than never!! I have just finished 4 modules out of 12 and it has totally changed me as a therapist. Today if I place my hands on a patient I know why I would do that and what I am looking for and what change to expect from it. Looks like I have abandoned electrotherapy!! If you have been doing all the trending courses available out there and don’t know how to use them, then that’s me 4 weeks back. This mentorship helped me with my assessment in the simplest way possible. I think universities need to revamp their curriculum. It may seem expensive but just 2 or 3 weeks in and you will see the value in it. I can assure it will be your best investment ever. I no longer go home feeling stressed or overwhelmed thinking if my treatment helped the patient. I have better time management in my sessions and in my days. Bonus! You have an entire community to help you with your present and future patients. This team will keep you motivated and driven to be the Professional you want to be!read more
Next Reviews

Finally… A Quick Way To Get Rid Of All These Problems That You’re Facing Every Day And Differentiate Yourself From Any Other Therapist In Your Area – Guaranteed!

Problem 1)
Patients Expecting Just Hands On Treatment And Wanting To Just Lie On The Bed For The Full Session…

Mentorship Hands On
The True Problem:
A patient just expecting passive hands on treatment is simply down to a lack of clarity for the patient on what the true problem is (and not just focusing on the symptoms) along with a mismatch in their expectations that generally needs to be addressed in the Initial Assessments.

How The Mentorship Solves This Problem For You :
The Mentorship will help you ask better questions in the subjective assessment, establish the outcome the patient really wants. This will allow you to communicate in such a way that they gain clarity on the steps involved in bridging the gap from where they are now and where they want to be.

Mentorship Module 1 And Bonus 2
Module 1 and the bonus module will be critical to help with this and you will implement this action plan specifically in the initial assessment but also recap and refocus at the end of every subsequent session.
Yes! I Want To Check If I’m Suitable…

Problem 2)
Patients Not Buying Into The Treatment Plan…

Mentorship Bored Patient
The True Problem:
If a patient is not buying into the treatment plan then they do not simply see the value or have clarity on how these movements are helping them get to the outcome they are looking for.

How The Mentorship Solves This Problem For You :
We work hard with you, especially in Modules 1,2,3,4 and 5.

This is to give you complete clarity on linking the subjective assessment and the patient’s story with what you are seeing in front of you.

You will then be able to design a bespoke treatment plan that settles the symptoms while addressing the true cause of the problem.

Module 1 2 3 4 5 And Bonus 2
Once the patient has clarity, they will see the value in your graded exposure movements as they will be meaningful to that patient’s outcome.

This clarity combined with engaging the person’s full body and mind in each exercise will get their complete attention as these exercises will be the appropriate level of difficulty to keep the patient engaged.

Yes! I Want To Check If I’m Suitable…

Problem 3)
Therapists Feeling Overwhelmed In A Session

Mentorship Confused Therapist
The True Problem:
Overwhelm is another symptom of a lack of clarity.
There can be so much going on in an assessment or even so many different symptoms that the patient is telling you, it can be hard to decide where to even start.

How The Mentorship Solves This Problem For You :
Gaining clarity on the patient’s story and making sense of the objective assessment are critical skill sets to avoid overwhelm which we can work hard on in modules 1, 2 ,3, 4 and 5.

Mentorship Modules 1 5
One we have the clarity, it is simply a process of taking the patient through a step by step graded exposure program using simple progressions that we will guide you through in the modules.

The next progression is simply the next logical step so it takes the guesswork and self doubt out of the equation.

Yes! I Want To Check If I’m Suitable…

Problem 4)
Feeling Rushed In Sessions

Mentorship Clock
The True Problem:
Feeling rushed in sessions is ultimately a symptom of a lack of clarity in being able to identify and prioritise the the most important tissues or area to work on.

Being able to identify the main contributing peripheral tissues (if any) to desensitise to help the patient decrease the pain experience or identify the direction of load tolerance required to solve the true problem causing the pain experience, most therapists default habit will be to over treat.

How The Mentorship Solves This Problem For You :
Some of the key mentorship mantras are “Think More, Treat Less” and “Work Smarter, Not Harder”.

Modules 1,2,3,4 and 5 will prepare you and give you the ‘know how’ to identify the true cause prioritize the most important tissues or direction of load tolerance specific to the person in front of you.

Mentorship Modules 1 5
This will help you avoid falling into the trap of trying to treat everything but rather spend less time on hands on treatment and more time helping the patient build a load tolerance to the specific tissues or area of the body. Your hands will thank you but more importantly, so will your patient once the changes stick and they keep their progress between sessions.
Yes! I Want To Check If I’m Suitable…

Problem 5)
Don’t Know Where To Go Next

Mentorship Confused 2
The True Problem:
Not knowing where to go next can be linked to becoming overwhelmed but ultimately is due to a lack of clarity to not being able to understand the true cause of the problem, the tissues contributing to the pain experience or the ‘know how’ to progress the patient to the next level of load tolerance.

How The Mentorship Solves This Problem For You :
The Mentorship provides a complete framework for you to follow while still being able to put the patient at the epicentre of everything you do.

This mentorship is about giving you the clarity to take a patient from the initial assessment right through to successful discharge.

Mentorship Modules 7 10
Modules 1,2,3,4, and 5 will give the confidence and clarity to get the symptoms to settle while modules 7 and 8 will get specific into taking the patient from the bed to higher loading progressions with modules 9 and 10 ensuring you don’t miss any steps with particular pathologies of the upper and lower limbs.
Yes! I Want To Check If I’m Suitable…

Problem 6)
Relying Too Much On Hands On Treatment

Mentorship Hands On
The True Problem:
Relying too much on hands on treatment will usually come down to a therapist not being confident enough with coaching effective rehab exercises.

How The Mentorship Solves This Problem For You :
The ‘Go To’ Mentorship appreciates hands on treatment but also is aware that it is only a certain level of local tolerance to certain tissues and the nervous system.

This is why we help you combine both hands on treatment and load tolerance movements to actually compliment the hands on treatment to ensure longer lasting results.

Mentorship Modules 7 8 11 12
Modules 7 and 8 will bridge the gap from the lower level exercises to the higher level loading exercises and Modules 11 and 12 will give you the ‘know how’ and ‘confidence’ to continually progress your patient every session and expose them to loads on their mind and body that are specific to their situation.
Yes! I Want To Check If I’m Suitable…

Problem 7)
Symptoms Returning Between Sessions Or Patients Stagnating After 3-4 Sessions

Mentorship Frustrated
The True Problem:
From experience, a lot of therapists are ok in the first couple of sessions and can make changes to the patients symptoms.
After 2-3 sessions when the novel stimulus of hands on treatment becomes less novel, this is where the problems usually start.

The symptoms return and the hands on treatment that was effective at changing the symptoms in the first couple of sessions are no longer as effective. This can usually be put down to a lack of continuous graded exposure for the person’s nervous system to continually adapt.

How The Mentorship Solves This Problem For You :
Modules 7,8,9,10,11 and 12 are designed to give you complete clarity on taking a patient from the bed and continually progress each session.

Mentorship Modules 7 12
Each session builds on the previous and you will have the complete and logical step by step progressions that we use in both professional sport and in our private practice…

… It takes the guesswork, risks and repeating the same treatment over and over again out of it.

Yes! I Want To Check If I’m Suitable…

Problem 8)
Patients Not Showing Up Or Cancelling Without Rebooking

Mentorship Bored
The True Problem:
Similar to patients not adhering to exercises or the treatment plan, the patient does not simply see the value or prioritises the value of the session at this current down.

This can be due to a number of factors including a lack of clarity from the patient or a mismatch in expectations of what the patient actually wanted and what the therapist delivered.

How The Mentorship Solves This Problem For You :
This is a 12 module approach where you will understand clearly exactly the outcome the patient wants, put the pieces of their puzzle together from their story, make sense of assessment and deliver a bespoke treatment plan to match the desired outcomes of the patient.

Mentorship All Modules
You will use all the modules and resources in the mentorship for this by maximising your clinical skills to increase your patient adherence while also increasing your retention of these patients in the future, referrals from these grateful patients and increased revenue due to patients not cancelling or dropping off.

Once you can do this, it is easy to differentiate yourself and quickly develop the ‘Go To’ Therapist title in your town.

Yes! I Want To Check If I’m Suitable…

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this program different to others?
This program is not just about improving your subjective, objective, pain science explanation, hands on treatment techniques, rehab techniques and high level return to play protocols. It is about understanding the WHY a joint has decreased range of motion or WHY a glute medius muscle is not contributing efficiently specific to that person.

It is about giving you the confidence and clarity while also giving you structure from session 1 to session 4-6 with your patient and being able to continually make progress in every session.

Will this work with any patient in private practice, sport or national healthcare outpatient setting?
Yes. This way of assessing and treating is first and foremost focused on the person in front of you. The level of exposure to loading will be specific to the person in front of you and their needs but we treat using the exact same system for private practice patients as well as pro sport athletes.
What if I’ve just graduated and starting out on my own?
This is the perfect way to get mentorship from an early stage in both clinical and business settings so you don’t have to make the same mistakes Dave made. Infact, Dave was really lucky to learn from two brilliant mentors which he accounts so much of his early success to.
This sounds complicated. Is it difficult to get results?
This approach is a logical common sense structure that helps you apply the evidence base and make sense of things. It is delivered via both video and text so whatever way you learn best, we have got you covered. The length of the video lessons to the cheat sheets to how Dave teaches is all designed specifically to help you implement the content and get real world results fast.
I don’t have much time at the moment, should I wait a bit before joining the program?
The therapist mentorship requires 1 hour per week to consume the content for 12 weeks or half hour per week if you want to consume it over 6 months. A small lifestyle change of getting up 1 hour earlier on a particular day will easily solve your ‘time’ requirements’.

If you do not have the motivation and desire to prioritise one hour a week for 12 weeks to transform your career then please do not apply.

If you do have the motivation then we will help you focus and protect your time inside the members area to grow a profitable business.

What if I can’t attend a workshop?
If you cannot attend the 2 day Refresher workshop in your year of taking the mentorship, then you can simply attend the following year or year after. Once you are in the therapist mentorship community, you are part of the family and will do everything we can to help you have a great experience.
How long will I have access to the materials?
You will have lifetime access to the core mentorship content. We see the members area as a reference library that you should be able to go back to time and time again if you have any patients that you need help with. Any improvements Dave makes from mistakes or successes in the real world will be updated as Dave sees fit so you have access to the cutting edge system he is using on a day to day basis in the real world.
What happens when you update your mentorship material in the future?
Dave is never happy with where he is at and still striving to reach that elusive ‘clinical excellence’ status. At times we update, improve or find easier ways to apply the evidence and content to get even better results, you will receive updates to the mentorship. This mentorship is constantly evolving and once you’re in, you’re in.
Will I be able to claim money back on my taxes?
This will be specific to your country but most therapists will be able to claim VAT back if VAT registered and/or put the mentorship course as expenses towards their end of year tax bill. Please check with your accountant and your country’s terms.
Will I be able to use this course towards my CPD?
The mentorship course is backed by a bibliography of evidence based literature from various sectors and everything taught in the mentorship is referenced and available on request. The mentorship is recognised by various PT boards in the U.S and other countries when therapists require proof of attendance. If you require recognition for your profession, you will be able to access the necessary files we have put together to make your life easy in applying for credits.
What if I'm NOT a chartered physiotherapist and don't work in sport?
We have physiotherapists, physical therapists, sports therapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, sports massage therapists, strength coaches, athletic trainers and even podiatrists inside the Therapist Mentorship.

EVERYTHING that is taught in the Therapist Mentorship can be applied both in the private practice and sporting setting.

Indeed at ProSport Physiotherapy, Dave’s own private practice, we use this content with 70 year female patients as well as professional athletes. We see the person and not the injury.

Who is this course NOT for?
This course is not for those therapists looking for cookie cutter approaches. While we supply you with key performance indicator ‘cheatsheets’ before every progression, the ‘WHY’, specific to the person in front of you is the most important thing to understand and this, combined with the structure we help you build in your assessment, treatment and rehab is the real value of the mentorship program.

Therapists who are only interested in ‘patient numbers’. We see every patient at a person. If money is your only motivator then please do not apply. The foundation of everything we do is based on clinical skills and getting long lasting results with patients.

Who is this course for?
This course is perfect for you if you can yes to any one of these:

You own your own Private practice or are in charge of a team of therapists who look to you for guidance or advice
You’ve just started your practice or about to in the next 24 months – and want to ensure you go about building a solid ‘word of mouth’ clinic that is never short of patients
You’re an existing or well established clinician who wants to add more consistency and fresh, energising ways of looking at the body to your already successful approaches
You want to become a top pro sport physiotherapist or work with professional athletes on a daily basis and have the skills and confidence to TAKE THAT OPPORTUNITY when it arrives
You already work in professional sport and want to consolidate your system and put some structure to it to further improve your confidence with return to play programs for your athletes
You are a highly skilled sports physiotherapist or sports therapist – and want to be able to help more people with those skills and get to the next level quicker
You are a clinician that is starting out and don’t want to ‘figure this stuff out’ or ‘make numerous mistakes’ on your own over the next few years and want real world results right now
You realise that you need guidance and coaching to reach your full potential as a therapist (Something I was extremely lucky to get from an early point in my career)
You’re frustrated at the lack of results with certain conditions
You are already highly successful but you want to take things to the next level
You want to make more money
You would like to free up your time – more reward for less effort
You want to create the success you deserve by mastering the most important skills there are – Breathing, Moving, Healing

Yes! I Want To Check If I’m Suitable…
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About Dave O’Sullivan

Dave O’Sullivan is a consultant rugby physiotherapist for England Rugby Union who has worked at the 2019 Rugby Union World Cup in Japan and the 2020 Six Nations. He was also the England Rugby League Physiotherapist for the 2017 Rugby League World Cup in Australia. Dave has the unique honour to being involved in a World Cup Final in Rugby League and Rugby Union. Dave also is the clinical director of ProSport Physiotherapy in Huddersfield where he has a 5 treatment room private practice with 12 staff .

Dave is also currently working with Huddersfield Giants, Warrington Wolves and Hull F.C and mentoring their Head Physiotherapists along side working with Professional Golfers and other top sporting professionals.

Dave set up The ProSport Academy ‘Go-To’ Therapist Mentorship in 2015 to give therapists an opportunity to learn how to treat the cause and not just the patient’s symptoms. Dave teaches his exact assessment, treatment and return to play rehab progressions in the mentorship alongside in-depth clinical reasoning of understanding the WHY. Dave has now mentored over 500 therapists from Ireland, U.K, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, U.SA and Canada.