The Right Patient

Challenge 2

Describe Ideal Clients

It can often be difficult to create your ideal avatar, which causes many people to skip the activity. To make it easier, in this first part, you will simply describe people that you know or have already helped and what made them ideal for you...

Past/Existing Ideal Clients

If you've worked with ideal clients in the past, name them here as examples. Or if there are people you know you would like to work with, describe them here. ..

Past/Existing Wrong Clients

If you’ve worked with clients who are the wrong client (they frustrated you, didn’t get results, asked for refunds, etc.)

Demongraphics & Details

Demographics are the starting point when it comes to understandng your ITA. Let's start with teh simple facts about them and then go down into as much detail as possible for each following section. The more you know, the easier it is to find and connect with you ITA.

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